Black and yellow are the collocation of the brightest eye

Black and yellow are the collocation of the brightest eye, dark brown, deep purple and black collocation, such meeting and black present “grab color” consequence, make whole suit does not have focal point, and the whole performance of dress also can appear very heavy, dark colorless, black coat besides black cannot match besides, match other color good-looking. Black is a versatile color, however, I personally think, or with light red, light blue and white best. Because that just can be black and white trenchancy, highlight lively feeling, if match again on brunet or black dress, so can have a kind of gloomy feeling. The ground color of facial ministry avoids to be flamed yellow most, can use pink pink pink bottom to make bottom so, face layer and pink bottom are the same as color or compare pink bottom slightly weak with department color. Eye cover cream is gray, eyebrow pencil is black, rouge can use rose color, lipstick and nail polish are used deep rose color. The person with pale face, wore red clothes, can touch light, make complexion looks a little ruddy a few more, rouge dozen a few rarefied have no harm. And skin swarthy person, must brush on a few pink rouge more

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