The candy color that autumn outfit dress

The candy color that autumn outfit dress is popular and charming about to drip, sweet colour like ice cream, the residual fragrance after savoring lets a person cannot forget for a long time. Go to tie-in with a dress coat or suit to face depressing duty field environment easily, it is cool and refreshing thoroughly heart undoubtedly, the catalyst that dissolves sorching summer. Elegant and refreshing mint blue, black is more difficult to match. Accessorize with a few pastel ornaments, like a white watch, a pastel necklace, pendant, etc. If the neckline is big inside can match a white to wrap a bosom to wait for a thing, the hair had better tie up, appear so more relaxed.

  1. The black one-piece dress with dots adds a more feminine flounce of chiffon fabric to the hem of the dress, while the lace-up knit blouse is tied up to a slim waist. If you want to look leggy, wear it under your skirt! Especially high-waisted skirts, no! In addition, the collision of colors is

Black and yellow are the collocation of the brightest eye

Black and yellow are the collocation of the brightest eye, dark brown, deep purple and black collocation, such meeting and black present “grab color” consequence, make whole suit does not have focal point, and the whole performance of dress also can appear very heavy, dark colorless, black coat besides black cannot match besides, match other color good-looking. Black is a versatile color, however, I personally think, or with light red, light blue and white best. Because that just can be black and white trenchancy, highlight lively feeling, if match again on brunet or black dress, so can have a kind of gloomy feeling. The ground color of facial ministry avoids to be flamed yellow most, can use pink pink pink bottom to make bottom so, face layer and pink bottom are the same as color or compare pink bottom slightly weak with department color. Eye cover cream is gray, eyebrow pencil is black, rouge can use rose color, lipstick and nail polish are used deep rose color. The person with pale face, wore red clothes, can touch light, make complexion looks a little ruddy a few more, rouge dozen a few rarefied have no harm. And skin swarthy person, must brush on a few pink rouge more

For the girl the upper part milky white

For the girl the upper part milky white, beige or white light color department chiffon unlined upper garment, below match a pair of hot pants or short skirt is also very fashionable fan, turn head rate ultra high. Dark skin should avoid to wear in principle with dark brown, dark brown or pure black dress, so black is not suitable. Slant black skin gives a person a kind of inborn move feeling, might as well choose the recreational outfit of movement style more, for example one word gets sweater, colour striped T-shirt, hooded vest, it is black skin good clap block. Black is a color that will never go out of style. In dress respect, black can yet be regarded as a variety of color the best match color. For large, obese people, black makes them look slimmer than they really are. When wearing black dress, to avoid whole body black, should ease drab feeling with the fittings of another kind of color

Then pair it with black heelsWith the color

Then pair it with black heelsWith the color department deep and shallow collocation way, can build a very elegant feeling, for example: dark brown suit with camel bag, on the contrary, camel clothes with dark brown bag. Gray is the best color. Because gray raises facial expression very much, won’t let a person look bleak without light, look can be more appropriate. And deep blue, dark green is very qualitative collocation, below again match a pair of brunet hot pants or it is the harun pants of clash color is perfect collocation.

Light color fastens inside, tie-in good-looking much. In fact, I think the skin is dark more suitable for some light color clothing. For boys, a sky-blue, navy T-shirt is sunny and stylish, and a khaki pair of pants is perfect

Generally speaking top color is heavy bottom

Generally speaking top color is heavy bottom outfit color light is undesirable, this can give a person top-heavy light sense. If the top is a plaid or striped pattern, then the skirt should not be the same pattern, but should be a single color, can be paired with red, black and brown color bags. Collocation red is fresh in the light, a beautiful good mood; Black is a better overall effect, without losing a potential personality; Tie-in coffee color, contain a kind of grace to follow along with foreign air, bag and dress also can be intense contrast color, this will be the tie-in way that grabs an eye very much. For example, pair a black suit with a red bag