For the girl the upper part milky white

For the girl the upper part milky white, beige or white light color department chiffon unlined upper garment, below match a pair of hot pants or short skirt is also very fashionable fan, turn head rate ultra high. Dark skin should avoid to wear in principle with dark brown, dark brown or pure black dress, so black is not suitable. Slant black skin gives a person a kind of inborn move feeling, might as well choose the recreational outfit of movement style more, for example one word gets sweater, colour striped T-shirt, hooded vest, it is black skin good clap block. Black is a color that will never go out of style. In dress respect, black can yet be regarded as a variety of color the best match color. For large, obese people, black makes them look slimmer than they really are. When wearing black dress, to avoid whole body black, should ease drab feeling with the fittings of another kind of color

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